The Guild has always been noted for its publications.

In the past it produced a number of booklets and leaflets on a wide variety of subjects to do with the ministry of healing. Some of these remain ‘classics’, and in their time filled important gaps - with teaching on neglected or controversial subjects, such as anointing and exorcism. The Guild also provided forms of service for use when the ministry of healing was administered, and books of prayers for those who were ill.

Times have changed. Not only is there a wealth of literature available on many aspects of the healing ministry, but the Church has also acted in its official capacity. The report A Time to Heal and its companion handbook The Development of Good Practice in the Healing Ministry, fill many of the gaps which formerly the Guild sought to fill. And the new services for Wholeness and Healing in Common Worship: Pastoral Services provide ample liturgical material for most occasions.

In this changed situation the Guild has tended to focus on teaching. There is still a dearth of good material about healing from within the catholic and sacramental tradition, and the Guild has endeavoured to fill this gap. It has always had a reputation for serious theological thinking and tackling subjects in depth, and its present publications are continuing that tradition.

This excellent 48 page booklet contains a number of essays written by various members of the Guild Council. Recently reprinted by popular demand, it is an admirable booklet for introducing people to the thinking of the Guild on many matters to do with the ministry of healing. Price £3 from the Guild Office.

This booklet is now available in an e-book form suitable for the Mobipocket and Kindle e-book readers. To download a copy please right click  here,   then select the option to save the target file to your computer then transfer it to your e-book reader.