Book Reviews

The Guild's journal, Chrism, contains reviews of books connected with various aspects of the ministry of healing.

Times have changed. Not only is there a wealth of literature available on many aspects of the healing ministry, but the Church has also acted in its official capacity. The report A Time to Heal and its companion handbook The Development of Good Practice in the Healing Ministry, fill many of the gaps which formerly the Guild sought to fill. And the new services for Wholeness and Healing in Common Worship: Pastoral Services provide ample liturgical material for most occasions.

As publications appear, there is value in having comptent reviews to aid the reader in the inevitable process of selection. Here in these pages we make accessible the rich legacy of book reviews from past issues of Chrism.

Book Reviews published in Chrism

[Wounds that Heal]
Theology, Imaginaton and Health
Edited by Johnathan Baxter.
SPCK 15.99 ISBN 978-0-281-05830-3

[I'm Still Standing]
Parenting a child with a life-threatening illness
Jan Burn
BRF 5.99, ISBN 1 84101 349 8

[From Silence to Sanctuary]
A guide to understanding, preventing and responding to abuse
Jane Chevous
SPCK 2004 12.99 ISBN 0 281 05639 0

[In a Strange Land ...]
People with Dementia and the Local Church
Malcolm Goldsmith
4M Publications 2004 14.95 ISBN 0 9530494 6 9

[A Heart to Listen]
Becoming a listening person in a noisy world
Michael Mitton
BRF 2004 7.99 ISBN 1 84101 269 6

[Aging with Grace]
The Nun Study and the Science of Old Age
David Snowdon
Fourth Estate 16.99 ISBN 1 84115 291 9

[Sharing Spaces]
Prayer and the Counselling Relationship
Jessica Rose
DLT 9.95 ISBN 0 232 52387 6