Prayer Requests

Welcome to our Prayer Requests page.
If you, or someone you know, are in need of prayer, we will be glad to help.

All you need to do is to e mail your request to the following address and it will be taken up and held in prayer before God on a regular basis and in complete confidence.

(Please note that the older email address at no longer operates).

All our branches are dedicated to praying for those in need and it is at the heart of all that we do. And it may be that there is a branch near you that could help you.

However this web page is in the special care of the Guild branch at the Community of the Holy Cross, near Loughborough, a convent where the sisters are particularly dedicated to a life of prayer.

Prayer support will be given initially for a month, but we invite you to keep in touch and in particular to let us know if the situation changes in any way.

Here (in the next column) for your interest is a bit more about the Community.

The Community of the Holy Cross

The Community has had an interesting history. It was founded in 1857 by Elizabeth Neale, the sister of the well known hymnographer John Mason Neale, in answer to an appeal from Father Charles Lowder, whose parish included some of the most sordid areas of East London. The sisters started a refuge for women and children, and at first met with fierce opposition from the publicans and brothel keepers, who felt that their trade was being damaged by the Church's work. It was only after the severe cholera epidemic of 1866 and the part the Church played in it, that they became fully accepted by the local community.

Later when numbers increased branch houses were opened in other places where there were similar needs. Gradually however as the years went by, the Community felt called to a more enclosed form of life, and in 1926 they began using the full Benedictine Office. During World War II their convent, now at Haywards Heath, was turned into a War Emergency Hospital, with the sisters sleeping on bunks in the cellars. After the war they adopted the Rule of St Benedict and changed from being an active to an enclosed Community. It was during those years that their prayer and work for Christian unity became increasingly important and this has continued to the present day. Then, with much smaller numbers, their Convent moved to the Midlands and now live in a purpose built convent at Costock , near Loughborough, where they carry on their work of worship and prayer and their ministry to guests and visitors who come for retreats and quiet days.

The Sisters write:

'Here in this beautiful place, we continue to live our Religious Life. Our main work is the worship of God in the daily eucharist and the sevenfold office, and in personal prayer and intercession for the world and all its needs. From these spring our ministry to guests and visitors who come for retreats and Quiet Days.

Sister Mary Cuthbert, a sister living as a hermit in the Yorkshire Dales, receives prayer requests by email:

Prayer requests can also be made by post. The address for these is:

Sister Mary Cuthbert CHC,
c/o Community of the Holy Cross,
Holy Cross Convent,
Highfields, Nottingham Road
LE12 6XE.