The Guild of St Raphael exists to draw attention to Christ's ministry of healing, which is healing in its widest sense. As an association of ordinary Christian people, the Guild and its members cannot "wave a magic wand" to bring about symptomatic relief. But what we can do is to pray for Our Lord's gift of wholeness and healing on behalf of those who need it.

Although we are a Church organization, our concern is always with healing in its widest sense - the healing of all creation, individuals, society, the environment. That is what we understand by 'Christ's ministry of healing'.

In the Guild of St Raphael we are dedicated to promoting this ministry, and to practising it, particularly at the local level. You can learn more about what we do and what we have to offer by exploring this site, but briefly our aim is to -
About the Guild of St Raphael

The Guild of St Raphael was founded in 1915 and is dedicated to promoting, supporting and practicing Christís ministry of healing as an integral part of the life and worship of the Church. The Guild had its origin within the Church of England and its principal witness is still through Branches in Parishes in many parts of the United Kingdom. However, there are a number of Overseas Branches and the Guild also welcomes and encourages interest and support from Christians of all denominations.

Its main emphasis is on the actual practice of the healing ministry through its local branches. Members observe a simple rule of prayer, study and work for this ministry, aiming always to promote Christís ministry of healing - the healing of the whole person.

The Guild looks too for the healing of communities and of Godís creation itself. Prayer for healing is at the heart of the Guildís work, as are the sacraments of healing - anointing and the sacramental act of the laying on of hands. For more information about the origins and present activities of the Guild please click [ here ] to see the latest leaflet about the Guild.