Introducing the Guild Officers
and Members of the Guild Council

Meetings have their place, but the Guild Council is far more than just a governing body. Members like to be used, and they are within reasonable reach of most places (at least in England). So if you want a speaker, someone for a day on healing, or just to visit your branch or parish, or for advice on a particular point, why not get in touch with a Council member who is near to you? They all have considerable experience of the ministry of healing and other gifts as well..
If you wish to contact a member of council, please email us at
The Guild Office address is
169 Church Road, Haydock, Lancs WA11 0NJ
phone: 01 942 727956

The Revd Dr Beatrice Brandon

Beatrice studied pastoral theology at Heythrop College, London University, where she was awarded an MA. Subsequently she was ordained in Peterborough Diocese where she served her title curacy. In 2008 the Archbishops of Canterbury and York gave Beatrice the title Archbishops’ Adviser for the Healing Ministry, in recognition of her pioneering work of monitoring, developing, teaching and preaching about this ministry. In October 2012 she was awarded the degree of Doctor of Divinity.

The Revd Ron Carter

Ron Carter is a former Treasurer of the Guild. He has been a hospital chaplain for part of his ministry. He retired early in 1994 to care for his wife. He is very involved in carer's needs and problems through the Alzheimer's Disease Society and other bodies.

Mr John Mounfield

John Mounfield served for a number of years as the Treasurer of the Guild. He is a member of the Guild branch at Chester Cathedral.

The Sub-Warden:
Revd Canon Rodney Middleton

Rodney Middleton has been Vicar of Haydock since 1995, where he inherited a flourishing branch of the Guild. He has always had an interest in the ministry of healing and has had experience as a hospital chaplain in several hospitals.

Honorary Secretary and Treasurer:
Revd Canon Robin Pettitt

After many years serving as a parish priest in the North of England, Robin Pettitt retired and is now based at St James the Great, Haydock, where he serves as Honorary Assistant Priest.

The Editor of Chrism and Guild News
Rev'd Professor Helen Leathard

Prior to recent retirement Helen was Professor of Healing Science and Pharmacology at St Martin's College, Lancaster, which became the University of Cumbria. As Professor Emerita she retains links with the university's Graduate School. She has a busy Reader ministry in the United Benefice of Slyne-with-Hest with Halton and Aughton, and has been a member of the General Synod since 2000.

Roving Ambassador
The Revd Canon Paul Nener

Paul Nener has given the Guild sterling service as Sub-Warden for a number of years. He was a doctor for twelve years before ordination. He was a member of the Bishop of Chelmsford's Review Group that produced A Time to Heal. Before his retirement he created a Healthy Living Centre next to his Church. Now he is available to act as a roving ambassador for the Guild and for the Healing Ministry.