The Combined Guild
article posted 07 Oct 2015
After a century of separation, the Guild of St Raphael and the Guild of Health are reunited!
Here is the new logo which proclaims a shared commitment to the Healing Ministry of Christ. The Guild of Health & St Raphael has a new website which you'll find at:
Please visit the new website to get up-to-date information about what's happening and what's new as the re-invigorated Guild faces the future!

article posted 10 October 2013
The Guild of St Raphael exists to draw attention to Christ's ministry of healing, which is healing in its widest sense. As an association of ordinary Christian people, the Guild and its members cannot "wave a magic wand" to bring about symptomatic relief. But what we can do is to pray for Our Lord's gift of wholeness and healing on behalf of those who need it. To learn more, please click  here.

Lenten Devotion with healing ministry
16th February

article posted 31 Jan 13
The Society of Mary successfully incorporated the laying on of hands within its 2012 Lenten Devotion. Members of the Haydock Branch of the Guild assisted with this part of the service, which began with the Lent Prose. Photographs and a brief account of this event are available on the website at
A helpful Address by Fr Rodney Middleton, Sub-Warden of the Guild of St Raphael, followed. Then members of the congregation came forward for the laying on of hands and anointing.
For a copy of the poster giving details of the programme please click  here  And if you'd like more information about the Society of Mary, please click   here.

Healing and Prayer
article posted 25th October 2012
On 27th March 2012 the Haydock Branch of the Guild welcomed Fr Ian Wynne as speaker at one of its regular monthly meetings. He took as his title "Healing and the Prayer of Faith" and explored with a local emphasis the healing ministry which Christ had bequeathed to his church. Fr Ian has spent many years working as a General Practitioner locally so was very well able to consider all aspects of healing. If you'd like to read the text of his address, please click here.

Roving Ambassador
article posted 25th October 2012
Canon Paul Nener, our Roving Ambassador, spoke at a successful event in October 2012, a Healing Day organised by the Guild of St Raphael branch at St Chadís Sunderland on Saturday 20th October 2012
Further information is available on the church website at 
or by emailing Revd Jeremy Chadd:

Chrism and Guild News
article posted 23 November 2011
On the [Publications] page there are details of the Guild's Journal Chrism and of its newsletter Guild News. You might like to know that some back numbers of these publications are now avaliable for download as .pdf documents. To access the Chrism back numbers please click [here] and for Guild News. click [here].
Please bear in mind that on slow internet connections each docment may take some little time to download.

Centenary Celebrations
St Raphael's Day
24th October 2015

article posted 28 Oct 2015
To mark the Centenary of the Guild of St Raphael a servide of thanksgiving was held at Chester Cathedral, with the laying on of hands and anointing in context of the Eucharist. This Festival Eucharist not only celebrated 100 years of faithful prayer and ministry in many Guild of St Raphael branches throughout the world, but also celebrated the re-unification with the Guild of Health.

Originally one organisation, the Guild of St Raphael and the Guild of Health separated in 1915 to pursue two different aspects of the healing ministry. Now in the 21st Century it became evident that the time was right for these two complementary ministries to come together once again. So we celebrate the formation of the Guild of Health & St Rapael.

To see some photographs of this landmark occasion, please click:

Guild of Health Northern Conference
article posted 15 Mar 2015
To download the informative publicity pamphlet, please click  here. 

Guild of St Raphael and Guild of Health:
Merger Update, January 2015

article posted 25 Jan 2015

It appears that the information in the Autumn issue of Guild News about the AGM decision to work towards reuniting with the Guild of Health has left some members feeling uncertain about the current situation of the Guild of St Raphael. For the sake of clarity, the situation is that for current year we are continuing as previously, while representatives of both Guilds meet to plan our merger. Those discussions are progressing in a very positive way, and the Spring issue of Guild News, due out in May 2015, will contain an update on progress, together with information about the Guild of St Raphael's Centenary Festival in October this year.

Subscriptions for Guild of St Raphael membership and Chrism are due now, and subscriptions to the merged Guild will become due in January 2106. Both Chrism and Guild News will be produced as usual this year, with Chrism having a "Centenary" theme bringing together some inspiring insights from past issues and also looking towards the future, based on Jesus' summary of the commandments: to love God and to love our neighbours as we love ourselves.

Guild Festival 2014
article posted 10 Nov 2014
Saturday 25th October 2014

Holy Trinity, the Parish Church of Llandudno on the beautiful North Wales coast, is the setting for our Guild of St Raphael Festival 2014. An account of the Festival and of the Annual General Meeting of the Guild may be found in the current issue of Guild News: please click  here. 
Holy Trinity church was proposed in 1860 when Llandudno was developing as a fashionable tourist centre, to be built on land given by the Mostyn Estate. George Felton, Architect to the Mostyn Estate, was the designer. The original part of the church was completed in 1872 and consecrated in 1874. Today Holy Trinity is the Parish Church for Llandudno, ministering to the local residents and to the annual surge of seasonal visitors alike. Christ's Ministry of Healing is embedded in the life of this church, which is home to a thriving and active Branch of the Guild of St Raphael. The Guild is most grateful to have been invited to celebrate the 2014 Festival in this beautiful location. It is worth visiting the Holy Trinity website for further information:

Guild Festival 2013
article posted 31 Oct 2013
Saturday 26th October 2013

At 11.00am the Guild of St Raphael held its Annual Festival, which included a Healing Eucharist as well as the inevitable Annual General Meeting. The venue was the historic surroundings of Lichfield Cathedral, thanks to the generosity of the Dean and Chapter. Lichfield is readily accessible from all parts of the country and a good number of folk were able to join with us in this important act of worship. The Rt Revd Stephen Conway, Bishop of Ely and Warden of the Guild, gave the thought-provoking address. The event was appropriately concluded with a service of Benediction.

Ageing and Spirituality
article posted 26 Mar 2013
Luther King House in conjumction with MHA is organising a Research Seminar on this topic, on
Thursday 2nd May 2013.
A poster is available, giving more details; to download this poster please click  here. 

Chester Cathedral Branch Anniversary
article posted 4 Mar 2013
This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the lively Chester Cathedral Branch. On
Saturday 2nd March 2013
the Branch invited all Guild members, guests and interested friends to join in the celebrations. The Festival Eucharist was held in the Lady Chapel of Chester Cathedral beginning at 11.30am, and lunch followed.

For a brief account of the event, with some photographs, please click  here. 

Branch Returns
article posted 4 Feb 2013
The Guild membership subscription becomes due at the beginning of the calendar year and the same is true of the subscriptions to Chrism. We ask each branch secretary to send in an annual return along with the membership subscriptions, so that we have an up-to-date record of membership. The return form may be downloaded  here  or as a Word document  here. 

Guild Festival 2013
article posted 22 Jan 2013
Now that the busyness of the Festive Season has given place to the normal rhythm of our everyday lives, it is time to look forward to events which are to come. Please make a note in your diary of
Saturday 26th October 2013
This is the day when the Guild of St Raphael will hold its Annual Festival, including a Healing Eucharist. The venue will be the historic surroundings of Lichfield Cathedral, thanks to the generosity of the Dean and Chapter. Lichfield is readily accessible from all parts of the country by road, rail and even air, so we hope you will feel able to join with us in that important act of worship.

Guild Festival 2012
article posted 29 October 2012
Liverpool was the venue for the Guild Festival on
Saturday 27 October.

A hundred or so members and friends gathered in the Lady Chapel of Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral, at 10.30am on a cold and very breezy autumn day.

Proceedings began with an entertaining but very thought-provoking talk by the Guild's Roving Ambassador, Revd. Canon Paul Nener. Under the title
Do You want to be Healed?
He focused on the concept of a sacramentally-based healing ministry and its implications for the individual and for the church itself. Delivered with his unquenchable cheerfulness and down-to-earth wisdom, this talk was an opportunity not to be missed! Whether or not you were able to be present, you may wish to know that we are now able to offer you the text of his excellent talk as a 1.5MB download - please click here. Our thanks to Canon Paul for his kindness in making this text available.

The brief and (fairly) painless AGM started promptly at 11.30am. Revd. Robin Pettitt presented the accounts for the year ending March 2012, which continued the sobering story of declining financial reserves, and Revd. Rodney Middleton in his Sub-Warden's Review spoke of how Council had put in place some important measures to contain costs and to make faithful use of the funds entrusted to the Guild by its members. Part of the picture was a plan to make increasing use of electronic communication means to distribute our publications and to give better support to the Branches. To this end, members and friends are asked to contribute their email addresses to our electronic mailing list so we can keep everyone informed about the Guild and its activities. Please email

The Eucharist itself began at 12.05pm and as in previous years the service incorporated the Ministry of Healing and the laying on of hands. The Guild's Warden, The Rt Revd Nicholas Reade Bishop of Blackburn, presided at the Eucharist and gave a brief but very thought-provoking address. He has very kindly provided his notes, so if you'd like to read his homily, please click here.

Lunch as always provided a time and space for a chat with the members of the Guild Council and with members from other Branches. It was a good opportunity to share some of the joys and frustrations experienced in the Branches, and to comment on what the Guild could do to support the Branches better. Tea and coffee are good social lubricants!

Those who attended agreed that this had been a very worthwhile and rewarding Guild Festival. Our grateful thanks go to the Dean and Chapter of Liverpool Cathedral for making us welcome, and to Professor Ian Tracey for delighting us by playing the Organ for the Festival. If you'd like to see more photographs taken at the event, please click here - the download is 1.8MB.